World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo is taking the game to mobile devices


World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo has been announced for both iOS and Android devices. It’s currently scheduled for release this year for Japanese mobile gamers. 

The casual title is being developed by Drecom, and it’s based on the original World of Final Fantasy title that found fan-favorite characters reduced to adorable little chibi versions of themselves named Mirages as they traveled as companions to protagonists Lann and Reynn. The Pokémon-like role-playing game released on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC, and while it was cute enough, it wasn’t exactly casual, with complex combat elements and plenty to see and explore. 

World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo will inherit some elements from the original game, but it will play out in a manga-styled story with a “Garden Dome” where players can recruit Mirages and head out into the world of Valgallan. The same characters have been confirmed to appear in this new title as well, though there haven’t been any announcements on what kind of roles they’ll play in this version. 

The Weekly Famitsu article that broke the news also featured some tidbits from both executive producer Shinji Hashimoto and director Hiroki Chiba, who also directed the last game. As it turns out, the team had planned to release a version of the game for smartphones before developing the original game, so the plan was to make a “solid” game for console before trying out a smartphone release plan. 

“The World of Final Fantasy series will continue to spread out in the future,” the article ssaid.