WWII Shooter Day of Infamy Announces Free Steam Weekend


Back in 2015, Day of Infamy began its life as a mod for Insurgency, the hardcore first-person-shooter on Steam. It quickly grew into its own game and is now one of the most popular WWII shooters available. Developer New World is hoping to entice new recruits onto the battlefield by offering a free weekend on Steam to go alongside a free content update. The game will be available to play between October 12th and 16th, absolutely free via Steam.

Free Steam Weekend

Day of Infamy boasts over 275,000 players on Steam and is hoping that a few more will join the fray during this free weekend. The game is certainly not for the faint of heart, so if you’re used to Call of Duty, this may not be your cup of tea.

Andrew Spearin, creative director at New World, puts it in the following way:

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity for a new wave of players to discover Day of Infamy. Our indie WWII shooter is leading a revival of the genre that is often overshadowed by the big AAA franchises. Hopefully players will recognize the passion and talent of our modest team to craft a heart-pounding experience that is truly authentic.”

To assist new players, there will be a double-XP bonus activate during the weekend. This is meant to allow players to faster rise through the ranks and unlock more of the 30 different playable units.

New Maps

WWII Shooter Day of Infamy Announces Free Steam Weekend
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As part of the weekend, an update featuring two new maps will be released free to all players.

  • New Tutorial Mission Shooting Range – Ahead of a wave of new players, New World have created a special training map set in the rural English countryside, designed to help new players feel more comfortable with the game’s weapons and classes before they head out to the battlefield.
  • New Map Brittany – The French region of Brittany was the backdrop for a bloody siege weeks after the D-Day landings. Players will fight through the map’s rail-yards, bombed-out buildings and fortified bunkers. Brittany originally started as a community map based on the French town of Brest in the Brittany region.

During the Free Weekend, the team at New World will also be holding daily livestream events, complete with prize giveaways, special guests and open Q&As.

Sounds like your weekend just got filled up with some good ol’ fashioned WWII action, soldier! Visit the game’s Steam page to download the game, starting on October 12th.