X2 Football 2010 Gets Licensed Soundtrack

X2 Games has today finalised an exclusive licensing deal with Trouble Over Tokyo to supply the soundtrack for X2 Football 2010. The deal will see music from the enigmatic one-man outfit’s forthcoming album “The Hurricane” featuring throughout the football simulation title; a first for Trouble Over Tokyo. Four instrumentals have been selected, each of which comprise a unique blend of Indie guitar-pop sensibilities, electronic synths and classic video game soundtrack pacing, which together form a unique, yet perfect, sonic canvas for X2 Football’s 2010’s definitive implementation of handheld football on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The deal falls in line with X2 Games’ previous soundtrack licensing initiative, which saw Brighton’s Tru Thoughts Recordings provide music for X2 Snowboarding. This further underlines X2 Games’ commitment to marry industry-leading video game production and design with real-world licensed properties to produce unique meshes of lifestyle and technology for modern handheld gaming consumers.

Toph Taylor, singer and producer for Trouble Over Tokyo, comments: “I’m delighted about the collaboration for X2 Football 2010, in particular I think it’s a great opportunity to introduce gamers to independent music that they may not have heard before. As a result, the game has real indie-appeal that other, larger developer’s games do not. Also, for Trouble Over Tokyo fans, it’s a great chance to hear previews of an album which won’t be released until Summer 2010, which I believe is a first for a video game; so I really think we’re doing something very new and exciting.”

Des Gayle, producer, X2 Games adds:“Trouble Over Tokyo’s exclusive soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for X2 Football 2010. It’s a step beyond traditional gaming soundtracks and, in particular, the kind of tunes you’d normally associate with a football game. As such, we’re very proud that Trouble Over Tokyo is part of the extensive line of real-world brands and properties we’re seamlessly integrating into the X2 Football franchise.”

Trouble Over Tokyo’s third album “The Hurricane” will be released in August/September 2010, on Vienna indie-label Schoenwetter Records, and features musicians from the bands Velojet, Garish, Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost, No Head on my Shoulders and acclaimed American drummer, Darren King.

X2 Football 2010 will be available from the App Store in May.