XB1/PC Exclusive Dead Rising 4 Old Build Gameplay Screen Leaked, Takes Place In Full Town, 4-player Co-op


One of the biggest announcement that was scheduled to be made at Microsoft’s Xbox Media briefing has been leaked. Multiple reliable sources have confirmed that Capcom Vancouver will reveal Dead Rising 4 at Microsoft’s Xbox Media Briefing. Also, Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 is also going to be unveiled at the event.

Dead Rising 4

A reliable 4Chan user further revealed that Dead Rising 4 is fully funded by Microsoft and so it will never ever arrive on PlayStation 4. The game will be a Xbox One and Windows 10 PC (available via Windows Store only) exclusive. Furthermore, Neogaf user Ekim revealed via Twitter that Dead Rising 4 is going to be a remake of Dead Rising 1 and is set during the Christmas time.

Another user named “Enter The Dragon Punch” added that fans of the franchise should not worry about the “REMAKE” tag Dead Rising 4 is carrying because there will be “enough new content” in the game for players. The development team has added a whole new town to the game as compared to just the mall in the original game.

Frank West will make his return as a lead protagonist of the game, but Capcom Vancouver has added the popular 4-player co-op feature which will allow players to join three of their friends in the game. You guys can check out the first gameplay screenshot of Dead Rising 4 featuring Frank West. The screenshot also confirms Christmas setting.

dead-rising-4-poster-.jpg dead-rising-4-poster-1.jpg dead-rising-4-poster-screenshot.jpg