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Microsoft Won't Push For New First Party Studios' Games To Have Multiplayer

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Microsoft Not Forcing Multiplayer In First Party Games

At E3 2018, Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty has précised that all of these studios (Ninja Theory, Undead Labs and others) have complete creative freedom and that they will be free to offer games that do not have a multiplayer online component if that is their will.


Xbox One X Successor Is Going For Higher Frame Rate - Spencer

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Xbox One X 2 Targeting Higher Frame Per Second - Spencer

Xbox One X 2 is reported to be codenamed "Scarlett", and one of the core principles behind its architecture is that it's going beyond the CPU bottleneck we've seen across this generation and targeting higher frame rates.

Spencer Hints At Microsoft Studios Doing More Investments In The Future

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Phil Spencer Hints More Studio Acquisition

During the Inside Xbox E3 2018 special broadcast, Phil Spencer commented the acquisition of new studios announced back at its media briefing, adding that the move was "needed" and that there might be more acquisition in the future.

Next Xbox Code Name Is "Scarlet"

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Next Xbox Console Is Codename Scarlet - Insider

According to the insider report, the next Xbox console is codenamed "Scarlet". At E3 2018, Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer revealed that the next Xbox console is deep in development, and it will support backwards compatibility.

Spencer Confirms The Next Xbox Generation Of Consoles Won't Be Last [E3 2018]

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Spencer Confirms Next Xbox Gent Won't Be Last

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently stated that the next-gen of consoles would be the last. Phil Spencer (Xbox Division Boss) didn't think like this, in fact, at E3 2018 Spencer confirmed that the next-gen of Xbox consoles won't be the last.

Xbox One X Successor To Feature Backwards Compatibility - Spencer At E3 2018

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Xbox One X 2 Will Support Backwards Compatibility - Spencer

At E3 2018, Spencer has officially confirmed that the new Xbox consoles coming in future are going to support backwards compatibility.

Spencer Confirms Xbox One X 2 At E3 2018, says "Deep Into Development"

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Xbox One X 2 Confirmed At E3 2018

At E3 2018, Microsoft Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox Hardware Team is deep into the development of the next Xbox console (tentative title: Xbox One X 2). Does this mean, all those reports and rumors of new Xbox and PS5 releasing in 2020 are true?

Xbox E3 2018 Media Briefing "Closer To 100 Minutes," Says Phil Spencer

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Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference To Be Closer To 100 Minutes

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer has revealed that Xbox E3 2018 Media Briefing will be "closer to 100 minutes". This clarification comes after it was reported that the Media Briefing is going to be over 2 hours long.

Xbox Deals With Gold (June 5 Week) Features GTA San Andreas

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Xbox Deals With Gold June 5 Week Revealed

Microsoft has just shared the Deals With Gold offers for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, to be available for the entire week of June 5. You can see the full list below, and be sure that this week it's very interesting.

Microsoft: We Love Single-Player Games With 20 to 30 Hours of Gameplay

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New Microsoft Studios Boss Details Xbox Single-Player Vision

Matt Booty, the new boss at Microsoft Studios, has provided more details about his and his company's vision for what matters gaming and the video games development, especially when it comes to the single-player experiences.