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Aaron Greenberg: Leaked E3 2018 Floor Map Is Fake, Xbox Will Be At E3 2018 In A Big Way

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E3 2018 Floor Map Leaked

Xbox's Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg has clarified that the leaked E3 2018 floor map is not accurate and Team Xbox will be present at the event in a big way.

Xbox One X Is Top-Selling Premium Console In US Holiday Season

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X was top-selling premium console during last US Holidays, says Nadella at company’s quarterly financial conference.

Pachter - Xbox Game Pass Benefits Won't Improve XB1 or Xbox One X Sales

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Xbox Game Pass Improvements Won't Impach Xbox One Sales

Michael Pachter is of the opinion that inclusion of new releases in Xbox Game Pass won't have any impact on the sales of Xbox One or Xbox One X. There is no "correlation" to console sales, says Pachter.

Xbox Game Pass - Spencer Unveil Massive Changes For 2018, New Releases Confirmed

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Xbox Game Pass Major Changes Announced For 2018

Phil Spencer has announced some massive changes to Xbox Game Pass Service for 2018. Via Xbox website, Spencer confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Service has been updated and it will now include new releases from Microsoft Studios.

Matt Booty - Head of Minecraft Promoted to Vice President of Microsoft Studios

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Matt Booty Promoted To Vice President Microsoft Studios Post

Microsoft recently made a big change in Xbox Division. The firm promoted Matt Booty, the head of the Minecraft game to the post of the Vice President of the Microsoft Studios.

Phil Spencer Admits Microsoft Needs To Invest More On Xbox Exclusive Content

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Xbox One

In an interview Phil Spencer said, “I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more.”

Phil Spencer Talks About Xbox E3 2018 Line-up, Will See "Positive Changes"

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Xbox E3 2018 Line-up

E3 2018 is still few months away but Team Xbox has already started preparation for it. Phil Spencer today talked a bit about Xbox One E3 2018 line-up with a statement - fans will see "positive changes" at E3 2018.

Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked - Top 6 Features Revealed

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Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked

Chinese website Baidu has leaked Xbox Elite Controller v2. The price details were not revealed, however, the website listed top 6 features which includes USB Type-C, Bluetooth Support on Win10 and more.

Do Not Disturb Feature in Testing for the Xbox One

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Xbox One Getting Do Not Disturb Feature Soon

An upcoming Xbox One update is going to add 3 important features - Do Not Disturb, Next Achievements Tab, and a Miniature Game Hub.

Microsoft's Strategy For 2018 And Beyond: Buy New "Timed and Full On" XB1 Exclusive Games

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XB1 vs PS4 In 2018 - Microsoft Buying Timed and Full On Exclusive Games

According to a Danish Video Game Developer, Team Xbox Strategy for Xbox One in 2018 and beyond is very clear - buy and get new Timed or Full On exclusives games for Xbox One.