Xbox 360 Freezes While Installing GTA V “Play Disc” Data, Rockstar Issues Fix

GTA V screenshot 5

Xbox 360 gamers who are currently having crash and other issues while installing GTA V. Rockstar Games has just issued a fix via their official Twitter support page.

GTA VGamers are reporting that their Xbox 360 freeze and get stuck at loading screen as soon as they insert “Play Disc”. Here is the fix for this issue: Please Delete all GTA V files, Clear Xbox cache and Reinstall.

Does this fix worked for you? or are you guys facing anyother issue?, let us know in the comment section below. As per the details we have received from our readers, it seems like PS3 gamers are also facing the same issue.

Check out full guide below:

Xbox 360

  • Delete any GTA V install data that is on the Xbox 360 storage device
  • Clear the Xbox 360 Cache: System Settings->Storage->Highlight Storage Device and Press Y->Choose Clear Cache->Confirm
  • Re-attempt the installation.


  • From the XMB (system screen),

If you are still experiencing the error, please try installing to a different memory device. If the problem persists for all memory devices, please try the disc in another console to confirm whether the disc or the console is the issue.