Xbox Head: Never Say Never To Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility On Windows 10


Microsoft is making important improvements when it comes to making Windows 10 and Xbox One parts of a single gaming ecosystem, even though there’s a long road ahead before they can really help you play both the platforms just like it is one. Mainly because a gaming PC is not something everyone can afford, and when one does wants this platform to work properly, not just like a cheap console like solution costing so much.

Xbox 360 Backward Compatible With Windows 10

Anyway, it looks like Microsoft could be investigating a further solution to build upon this huge ecosystem, making it possible to play Xbox 360 titles on Windows 10 via backward compatibility. This means that you could use your existing digital or disc-based purchases, or make any other purchases via the Xbox Games Store, on Windows 10 rather than buy ‘new’ games from old gen platforms on Steam or other third party stores.

Phil Spencer told “running [backward compatibility] reliably on all the different PC [hardware] configs would be a lot more work than [Xbox One]. But never say never.” So, while this seems rather difficult, there’s a chance Microsoft could really be doing it sooner or later. Maybe after Scorpio launches. Do you like the idea?