Xbox Live Down Worldwide (Apr 13), Sign-In Issue With Error Code 0x87DD0006 Reported


Xbox Live is once again down. If you thought all of your connectivity issues would come to an end after Lizard Squad got arrested, you were absolutely wrong. Based on recent tweets, TeamBudyBear has rooted the main Xbox Live DNS using NTP floods via Layer 7 attacks. Service will be brought back online by the same hackers once their main tweet gets 1200 retweets.

Xbox Live Down Worldwide

“We’re doing these attacks to show everyone how bad big company’s care about security.We as teenagers know how to fix their servers. Pathetic.”, you can read in one of TeamBudyBear’s latest tweets.

Indeed, this was the same motivation that led Lizard Squad’s action last Christmas. They wanted to show how inadequate Microsoft and Sony’s security services were at that time.

Microsoft has not confirmed yet any issue coming from hackers or attacks to its online gaming service. Anyway, at we are writing this news, we cannot access the official website “”, where we use to check any connectivity problem to Xbox Live service.

News of connectivity issues first came from Reddit and Twitter, and those look like they regard both Xbox One and Xbox 360.