Xbox One Brand New APU Could Be Based On AMD’s Polaris Architecture


Since the beginning of the current generation, we have seen Xbox One struggle in many multi-platform titles due to its power allegedly not up to people expectations and more importantly to PlayStation 4. However, according to a recent rumor, this could be very close to an end thanks to Microsoft cooperation with AMD.

Xbox One

Based on a very recent rumor, it seems like new models of Xbox One coming this year will include a brand new APU based on AMD’s Polaris architecture. As you might not know, APUs are a single chip including both the GPU (graphics card) and CPU (processor), useful in console manufacturing because they can save a lot of space in those platforms’ cases and offer the chance to have a better looking design.

The reference to Polaris has been spotted by some Xbox One gamers while using the Netflix apps since, as you can see from the photo below, the device model is clearly dubbed “Xbox One Polaris” and the reference to the AMD architecture “Polaris-222” is well placed in a series of positions on the screen.

It must be noted, finally, this could be a fake more than a leak but, in case it reveals true, we could be seeing more powerful Xbox One (maybe together with DirectX 12 this could really make a difference) or a brand new Slim model of the very same console. What would your favorite option be?