Xbox One Can’t Display HDD Space Availability Info, “Its Auto Storage Management” says Microsoft


Microsoft’s Xbox One comes with a 500 GB HDD which is non-replacable and it also does not support external storage. Now some more startling finding has been discovered, Xbox One doesn’t display the available HDD space information.

Xbox OneThis is really shocking news for gamers who are planning to install games on Xbox One. The reason Microsoft gave for this descision is even more surprising, they want the storage managment on Xbox One to be automatic.

Now the only way to find out how space HDD space is available on Xbox One, go through each individual apps and games installed and check out how much space it take on HDD, add everything and then make a rough estimate.

In comparison to this, PS4 does provide information on HDD space availability.

PS4 is already out on retail shelves in North America and it will on arrive on November 22 in Europe. Xbox One will launch on November 22 in 13 countries.