“Xbox One Designed To Be An Incredibly Powerful Next-Gen Console, Built With Future In Mind”: Microsoft


Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox consoles, Xbox One is designed to be an “Increadibly Powerful” next generation console, according to Jeff Henshaw. This guy was part fo Xbox One development team and worked as Xbox One Engineering Manager.

Xbox OneIn a recent interview to GotGame, Jeff said: “We designed Xbox One to be an incredibly powerful next generation console. In fact, it contains ten times the power of the previous generation Xbox 360 console in one elegant design. And what this means is that the system has been built to instantly get back into the games that you are playing, and instantly switch between the games and the media apps that you love with no pause, no delay. It’s completely seamless, completely fluid, no matter where you’re at in any of your favorite entertainment experiences.”

Henshaw in the same interview was asked whether or no different sizes of HDD will be available for Xbox One as in the case of Xbox 360, he directly denied it and again carry forward the topic of Xbox One power.

“No, our goal with the Xbox One is to make sure that it is an incredibly powerful console platform that going to service all people’s entertainment needs today and tomorrow. It was really built with the future in mind, so it includes a very large hard disk, plenty of RAM, and 8 processing cores to make sure that it can easily handle of today’s needs and have plenty of growth for the future to handle the things that come down the pipe over the next several years.”

Really some strong words from the mouth of Jeff Henshaw. Xbox One is already out in 13 countries, but still we have to wait for few more years to see the incredile power Xbox One will bring. The launch titles wasn’t overwhelming but it pretty the same story on the other side as well i.e with Sony’s PS4.