Xbox One Dev Explain Complications Of Using Two Xbox Ones In Same Room


Have you ever thought what are the complication of using two Xbox One console in same room?. A similar question was asked by user on Reddit and a detail reply came from a confirmed XboxOneDev.

Xbox OneXboxOneDev replied: “The responses here are all somewhat correct but the answer to your question is they will conflict.

It is true that the Kinect can differentiate between voices and associate those voices with different controllers and skeletons. However, we currently do not ignore voice commands from sources not associated with an account, skeleton, or a controller. Voice commands will be picked up by both Kinects from both of you.

The IR signals sent from both Kinects will also be read by all TVs, receivers, and cable boxes in their vicinity. It is very likely when the second console turns on, it will turn off your devices that were powered on by the first Kinect.

Furthermore, if both of you have accounts saved on your respective consoles, you might both be facially recognized and signed in on a single console depending on which Kinect picks up your faces first. This is a minor issue that if it happens, you can simply sign in on the other console, and it’ll automatically sign you out of the first console.

These are all problems we prepared solutions for but none could be implemented without sacrificing certain other features. For example, if we only accepted voice commands from detected and signed in sources, you wouldn’t be able to issue them when out of view of the Kinect, say from your kitchen.

Over time, as we gather more data on user usage patterns, we’ll be able to create better models and solutions.”

Xbox One will arrive on November 22 in North America in 13 countries.