Xbox One Dev Issue Clarification On BANNING Of Moonlightswami’s Xbox One Console


Twitter Moonlightswami received his Xbox One pre-order early via Target Store and was tweeting information about the console and because of this reason Microsoft applied the BAN Hammer, however at that time no reason was revealed.

Xbox OneTime and again Moonlightswami argued that it was the fault of Target Store who delivered the pre-orders early and demanded revoking on BAN.

MoonLightSwami's Xbox One Console BAN Message

An confirmed Xbox One Dev on Reddit has finally issued a clarification as to why Moonlightswami’s Xbox One console was BAN by Microsoft.

“He did buy a product, a product not released until the 22nd. The product was delivered in error, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s an unreleased product and most likely classified as a beta product. Microsoft reserves the right to suspend/ban that console under the TOS.

That being said, I was ambivalent about the leaks we saw today. Leaks are seldom good for the development team, even if they are positive. It represents thousands of hours of work that may or may not be in an unfinished state. All it takes is one instance of something that was mis-communicated or misconstrued, throw that through the internet media machine and you’ve got a disaster.

On the flip side, it was quite refreshing and encouraging to see everything we’ve done received so well. It was a little emotional for me when I saw numerous approving responses to Marc and Yusif’s demo yesterday morning. I think many of us on the team sometimes forget to take a step back and see the product work as a whole because when you work on the console, all you see are the features that still need work and the bugs that need fixing. At least this was the case for the past 6 months or so.

Personally, I hope it’s only a temporary suspension until launch day.”

Do you agree with the reasoning issued by this Xbox One Dev for Moonlightswami’s Xbox One console BAN?, share your views with us in the comment section below.