Xbox One is 9th Most Breakthrough Product of 2013 says Tech Magazine


Popular Tech Magazine, Popular Mechanics has finally revealed its list of top 10 list of breakthrough products of 2013, and to everyone surprise Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen console features at Number 9.

Xbox OneHere is the features why Xbox One was selected in the top 10 list:

“Some products are evolutionary, others are revolutionary. The Xbox One is both. The most notable improvement is the new Kinect sensor, which is integral to the operation of the console.”

“It can see in total darkness, track the fine movements of your hands and muscles, and even sense your heartbeat. Gamers may have taken issue with the Xbox One’s price ($500) and paywall restrictions (some features require a $50 per year subscription), but technologically it’s a huge upgrade from its predecessor.”

“The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities. “

Check out Top 10 Most Breakthrough Product of 2013 “Popular Mechanics Magazine” below:

  • Pebble Watch ($150)
  • Cub Cadet RZT-S Zero Mower ($4500)
  • Other Machine Co. Othermill (About $1500)
  • Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV ($1300)
  • Thalmic Labs MYO ($149)
  • Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner ($1400)
  • Boosted Boards Longboard ($1300)
  • BMW i3 ($42,275)
  • Xbox One ($499)
  • Rust-Oleum NeverWet Liquid Repellent ($20)

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