Xbox One: List Of Possible Games Coming In 2014-2015, “Vanquish 2, Halo 5 And More”

Xbox One arrives on retail shelves on November 22 with one of the best launch line-up in video-game industry history.

Xbox One

Here is the list of possible games coming out in 2014-2015, some of the game listed below are rumors whereas other have been confirmed and already have a trailers.

1: Black Tusk Studios: Possibly working on a FPS/TPS with stealth elements

2: Microsoft Studios Victoria: Untitled Core Game

3: Lionhead: Fable legends Also theres a possibility of Fable: Anniversary coming to Xbox One

4: Press Play: Max and the curse of Brotherhood also they’ve stated the have three teams working on projects.

5: Remedy: Quantum Break a time manipulating game with possible TPS elements from the guys who made the incredible Alan Wake. This game will have a running TV series along side its release.

6: Halo 5: Master Chief in 1080p/60fps possible release Q4 2014

Crackdown 3: This series has been mentioned in interviews, tweets and even teased with an agility orb at the Xbox One Reveal lets hope for news at E3 2014

Lift London: working on multiple projects app based and core based games

Rare: Kinect sports Rivals, they have three teams working on concurrent titles

Platinum Games Xbox One Exclusive Not much is known at this point and there are chances that this may never happen, it could be Vanquish 2, Details HERE.

Microsoft Osaka: Multiple projects being developed

D4(Dark Dreams Don’t Die) Swery65’s offbeat murder mystery game, Kinect/controller combination coming Q1 2014

Capybara games: Working on Below, a very promising Roguelike with a unique art style. Also with Super Time Force not releasing yet I sense an Xbox One version coming.

Did we missed out on few games?, share it with us in the comment section below.

Source: All thanks to Reddit user Darrenmc62 For the above list and details