Xbox One Offers “Better Value and Launch Lineup” Than PS4 says Yusuf Mehdi


According to Microsoft corporate vice-president Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox One offers much better value than its competitor Playstation 4. Speaking at the Citi Global Technology conference, Mehdi said, “Competitively speaking, so far, I feel like we have a much better, more complete value prop[isition],”

Yusuf Mehdi

“We do things that aren’t found on other platforms with the Kinect, a huge piece of differentiation. As I said before, the fact that we do entertainment and gaming,” Mehdi continued.

Mehdi also went on add that Xbox One has much better launch line-up than PS4 (a similar claim was made by Microsoft’s Major Nelson earlier this week as well).

“If you just take gamers, hardcore gamers, gamers buy for the game,” Mehdi said. “They don’t buy for stats on a spec sheet. And if you look at the games we have, according to most industry experts now, a better lineup of games.”

Yusuf later went on said that competition between Sony and Microsoft (PS4 vs Xbox One) is good for video-game industry and consumers.

“I do think it’s an incredible time for gamers,” said Mehdi.

“One of the things that has never happened is we go head-to-head with a competitor on a console launch,” the Microsoft executive continued. “I think that’s going to bring a lot of energy to the overall gaming market and a lot of focus and attention, and I think that’s going to further grow the market.

“So I think in general it’s a good time to be a gamer. We feel good about our business within that,” Mehdi explained.

Most of you will agree with Mehdi on topic of competition is good for industry, but claiming that Xbox One offers better launch-line and better value is like going too far. Only consumers will have the final saying on these topics when both consoles arrives in market in November 2013.

You can watch full speech of Yusuf Mehdi at Citi Global Technology conference below: