Xbox One or PS3: Which Console Launch is the Biggest PR Disaster?


Xbox One was officially unveiled to the world on May 21, 2013 at a special event. The response Xbox One received after this event from critics, fans and media across the globe reminded us of the reveal event of PS3 at E3 2005.

Both these reveal event has gone down in the history book as “Biggest PR Diaster In Video Game History”. Listed below are some of the features from both reveal event that received slamming from fans and critics.

Playstation 3 recovered pretty well after the disastrous reveal event but it won’t be easy for Xbox One to pull out the same thing as its competitor, PS4 is arriving at retail shelves (in 32 countries as compared to 13 for Xbox One) almost at the same time.

Check out the comparison below, and let us know in the comment section which console launch is the biggest PR disaster, Xbox One or PS3?.

PS3 Had:

  • $600 Price Tag, whereas its competitor Xbox 360 was available in two variant at that time “Xbox 360 Core System for $299 and Xbox 360 for $399”
  • Giant Enemy Crab/Ridge Racer
  • No Rumble at launch (Last Generation Feature)
  • Months Delay in Whole Europe
  • Awful Quotes From Sony To Media: PS3 could be a brick and it would still sell; Get a second job, Generation doesn’t start until we say is does.

Xbox One Had:

  • $499 Price Tag, whereas PS4 carries a price tag of $399.
  • DRM/No Used games and its Reversal
  • Kinect included, privacy en PRISM
  • NuAds and Privacy again
  • Reversal of Region Free, Headset, Indie policy and Requirement of Hooked up Kinect.
  • Months delay in parts of Europe: Xbox One will launch on November 22 in 13 countries, whereas PS4 will launch on November 15 in NA and on November 29 in Europe, intotal 32 countries