Xbox One/PC Exclusive Ryse Coming To PS4? “Always Open To New Opportunities” says Crytek

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the best looking next-gen title. The game was announced as Xbox One exclusive but later made its way on to PC. Is there any chance of Ryse: Son of Rome or further game in the franchise coming to PlayStation 4? According to Crytek’s Brian Chambers, the firm are open to the idea of bringing Ryse to PlayStation 4 but currently their focus is on other games that are in development.

Speaking to our friend at WorldsFactory, Brian said:

“We’re always open to new opportunities for our franchises, although for the moment we have our focus firmly on bringing Ryse to PC players, as well as the ongoing development of our other IP’s: Warface, Arena of Fate and Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.”

Its good to know that Crytek are open to all opportunities for Ryse, but bringing it to PlayStation 4 might be too far away as Crytek are currently battling from inside mess i.e. closure of Crytek UK which was working on Homefront: The Revolution.

Also, Crytek didn’t face too many problems while portion Ryse from Xbox One to PC considering the fact that both uses DirectX tech. PlayStation 4 version would definitely need more time and Crytek are not free at the moment.

Tell us how many of you would like to see Ryse: Son of Rome or Ryse 2 on PlayStation 4?