Xbox One S: No Dedicated Kinect Port, $299 Variant Does Not Come With A Controller, Sold Separately


At E3 2016, Microsoft revealed Xbox One S, a new variant of Xbox One which is 40% smaller in size as compared to standard Xbox One, supports 4K Ultra HD video, High Dynamic Range, a streamlined controller and vertical stand. The announcement that caught our eyes at E3 2016 was that the new Xbox One S will carry a price tag of $299. Here is how Microsoft got to this insane price tag: firstly, $299 variant of Xbox One S comes with 500GB HDD and it does not come with a new controller, it is sold separately. You can check out the confirmation of it from Twitter user Joe Anderson.

Xbox One Slim

Another hidden feature of Xbox One S is it does not come with a dedicated Kinect Port, and players will be required a separate USB adaptor. Here is what The Verge have to say about lack of Kinect Port in Xbox One S:

“One thing has been removed, however: the Xbox One S doesn’t include a dedicated Kinect sensor port. If you want to hook up a Kinect for voice controls you’ll need a separate USB adaptor. (Microsoft says that there will be a program to offer the adapters for free to existing Xbox One owners who decide to upgrade.”

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