Xbox One Teardown Confirms HDD Is Indeed Replaceable


Microsoft’s official statement of Xbox One HDD reads: “500 GB Space/Non Replaceable”, however according to details coming out from a recent Xbox One teardown at Engadget, Xbox one HDD can be replaced.

Xbox One“Xbox One’s 500GB HDD is a standard SATA II 2.5-in. (of the Samsung Spinpoint variety, with an 8MB cache). Sure, you’ll have to pry open the system and carefully remove the Wifi and system speaker assembly to swap it out the HDD for a larger size, but if you’re willing to void the warranty and get up in there, serious storage is at your fingertips.” said Engadget‘s Ben Gilbert.

Xbox One HDD Replaceable

This is really a great news for Xbox One fans, but other side of the story is not that good at all as Xbox One does not have any options for consumers to check out how much HDD space is availability after installing certain apps/games and other things, you can read our entire coverage on this HERE.