Xbox One vs PS4: “Difference Won’t Be Significant, Games Will Be Deciding Factor” says Penello


By now we know almost everything about both Xbox One and PS4 (whether its release date, price, launch titles or any other thing). The stage is all set for the big clash in November 2013, but who hold’s the edge?.

Xbox OneAccording to Albert Penello, both Sony and Microsoft doing whatever they can to make their hardware best, but there won’t be a significant difference as comparing individual components.

He further added that the success of both these consoles and who will come out on top will depend on games. In a recent video interview to Rev3Games, Penello said:

“Sony’s doing things in their hardware to make it best that they can. We’re doing things to our hardware to make it the best that we can. I don’t believe the difference between these systems will be as significant as comparing individual components. How is it that a 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?” — Overall it’s balance and trade offs and it’ll come down to the games,”

Watch the interview below:

As mention by Penello, Microsoft is doing many things to make Xbox One hardware best, this is clrealy visible from the fact that Xbox One CPU speed increased to 1.75 GHZ from 1.6 GHZ (read details about it HERE).

The battle is really on, Xbox One will arrive on November 22 in 13 countries (also full one week early in Europe than PS4).