Xbox One vs PS4: Saying “Its Over For Microsoft” in Next-Gen War is “Jumping Ahead” says Naughty Dog


According to Naughty Dog Co-founder Jason Rubin, saying everything is over for Microsoft in next-gen console war is “Jumping Ahead”. In a recent interview to GameTrailers, Jason Rubin stated that Microsoft isn’t finished yet and that he is very optimistic about the firm in long term.

Xbox One vs PS4Jason agrees that Microsoft has taken a lot of damage due to their Xbox One policies earlier this year but everything is still not lost and there’s a path back for the company.

“Most of these things are not catastrophic and momentary. Things take time and things change over time.”

As an example of successful return in competition, Jason gave an example of Playstation 3 price at launch and how dramatically it managed to come-up from poor initial reception.

Microsoft has already made it clear that they are in competition with their reversal of DRM during E3 2013.

“Anytime you sit there and say ‘it’s over for Microsoft’ – which is easy to say now – you’re generally jumping ahead of yourself”

You can watch full interview HERE, navigate to 12:25 for all these quotes.