Xbox One Will Be The Fastest Selling Console Ever At Launch Says Amazon


According to recent report from Amazon UK, Microsoft’s Xbox One will be the biggest and fastest selling console in video-gaming industry history when it arrives on retail shelves on November 22.

The retailer however further went on to add that this success of Xbox One will be short-lived and will be overtaken by PS4 just after a week time, when PS4 arrives on retail shelves on November 29.

At present on Amazon UK Chart, PS4 is well placed at top spot for most wished-for PC and Video Game product, followed by CoD: Ghosts Xbox 360 version and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Amazon also confirmed that all preparation related to shipping of Xbox One and PS4 is complete. PS4 vs Xbox One

Amazon’s Xavier Garambois said, “The operation to deliver a new Xbox or PlayStation to Amazon customers on release day is well underway,”

“The pre-orders we have seen for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 show that gamers across the UK are eager to be amongst the first to try out the latest gaming experience, and the much-anticipated release of these next generation consoles is guaranteed to lead to hours of gaming pleasure.”

Also a favourite for Christmas lists in 2013, we can expect these consoles to be keeping children and adults alike entertained on Christmas day and into 2014.”