Xbox One Without Kinect Would Have Cost Less Than $399 says Xbox One Dev

We all know that Sony’s next-gen Playstation console, PS4 4 is tagged with price of 399$ in comparison to Xbox One with price tag of 499$. Many people wonder why this price difference of 100$? Either you can blindly accuse Microsoft for charging extra 100$ for console with almost similar configuration as of PS4, or you actually see what comes in package as whole. Difference we found is Kinect 2 which is coming in bundle with Xbox One.

PS4 vs Xbox One and KinectWe all know Kinect is a success, and with Kinect 2 as camera device in Xbox One it will be something to look forward and i think 100$ extra will worth, where for PlayStation 4 you’ll have to put extra 60$ for PlayStation Camera.

An Xbox One developer on Reddit during AMA session has stated that Kinect is the best feature of Xbox One and the sensor cost almost as much as the console.

A Reddit user named “nkripper” asked: “What do you feel is the best feature of the XB1 that people have little knowledge about?”

To this Xbox One Dev replied: “The majority of the masses care only about the console, except that the success of the Kinect carries much more weight to us. The sensor costs almost as much as the console to make.”

Immediately after this reply another user “GhostofAce” added, “But the problem with the Kinect is as of right now, July 13th 2013 a decent amount of people don’t want it. A lot of people switching to the PS4 are doing it because they don’t want to pay $100 more for a camera they don’t want.”

User “Krakn3dfx” followed the above argument with his by stating: “The original Kinect was a highly successfully sold product that ended up only being a Dance Central peripheral and then disgarded like some old Rock Band equipment. Nothing about it in regards to the XBO appeals to me, I would rather you offer a SKU without it for $100 less and throw a cheap headset in the box instead. There seem to be a lot of people like me. I know you guys are proud of your product, but you seem to be going after a market that no longer exists with your TV and motion control hardware.”

To this Xbox One Dev replied: “As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know what price point the Xbox One would be at without the Kinect, but it would be much less than 399.

I see it not as a market that no longer exists, but one that haven’t been explored due to technological limitations.”

This mean Xbox One would have cost much less than $399 (which is a price tag of PS4) without Kinect. This would have been a better strategy from Microsoft against Sony and PS4, but they thought otherwise and are paying the price for it i.e Xbox fans are switching to PS4 and are doing this because they just don’t want to pay $100 more for a camera they don’t want.