Xbox One X 2 Already In Work, Might Be A Xbox One X Refresh, Not Releasing In 2019

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is scheduled to launch worldwide on November 7. It is the most powerful console ever made, in terms of specs much better than Xbox One and PS4 Pro. The other interesting part of Xbox One X is that it is backward compatible with Xbox 360 and Original Xbox. In short, video game console generation is no longer a thing at least for Microsoft and Team Xbox (a similar approach that we see in PC and mobile gaming segment), and this message is pretty loud and clear from them.

Xbox One X 2 Already In Development

Industry insider Jez Corden today revealed interesting new details regarding what all thing is happening behind the closed door at Microsoft and Team Xbox. Corder has revealed that Microsoft and Team Xbox has already started working on a successor of Xbox One X, and the work on it has not just started in fact has reached to a level where it has a CODE NAME TOO.

“The next Xbox is already being designed.” tweeted Corden. And when asked: You mean looked into? Like nothings for sure yet? Corden replied: “No, it has a code name, too.”

The conversation then proceeded to the launch window of the Xbox One X successor. It has been predicted by many Analysts that PlayStation 5 will launch at some point in 2019. Corden was asked whether the Xbox One X successor will target this same 2019 launch window? and he replied that TW0 YEARS time sounds too soon for a new Xbox. “No idea, 2 years sounds too soon to me,” said Corden.

When asked further a fan that 2019 seems more likely? to which Corden replied that if that happens that the new Xbox could be a refresh of Xbox One X (similar to how Xbox One X is for the original Xbox One). He later added that he deliberately left out the term “Generations” from the previous reply and used the term REFRESH because as far as Microsoft and Team Xbox is concerned Xbox console generations are over.

When asked: It’s almost like you left the word “generation” out on purpose? Corden replied: “well generations are over, at least for Xbox. Change resilient games are the standard.”

Last but not the least, Corden was asked to share some detail on the future of box’s first-party? He didn’t provide any specific details but stated that Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer has “heard the feedback loud and clear.”

So there you have it, new Xbox console is already in the making. This looks like a normal process, R&D (a non-stop process) must be going on at Team Xbox. What interesting here is that Corden response to the future of Xbox first-party studios query: Spencer has heard the feedback. If this is indeed the case then we might hear a lot of first-party video game announcements very very soon. In fact, Spencer himself confirmed that there is a lot happening (first and third-party exclusive games) and it will take at least 2 to 3 development time to complete, so no point in announcing them right now to get a PR and Marketing mileage.

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