Spencer: Xbox One X 4K HDR TV Bundle In Work

A lot of Xbox fans want to know when exactly Xbox One X pre-orders are going to start. Phil Spencer and Mike Ybarra addressed this query last week with a statement that they are working on the pre-orders for Xbox One X and the announcement in this regard is coming soon, in fact, they used the term “VERY SOON“.

Xbox One X HDR TV

Today, Phil Spencer via Twitter shared another interesting detail related to Xbox One X pre-order. Spencer revealed that Team Xbox is in talks with a TV firm for a special Xbox One X 4K HDR TV bundle like we saw with the Xbox One S.

When asked by a fan on Twitter: Any plans to bundle a 4k HDR tv with a Xbox One X? I’m sure there’s a manufacturer that would be willing to collaborate with Xbox? Spencer replied: “Yea, you’ve seen some of these with S and I’m sure you’ll see some with X.”

This is really an interesting move from Microsoft and Team Xbox. This is a very first time in a video game industry history (If I am not wrong) that a new console has been revealed but pre-orders have not yet started. A strategy that could prove a double-edged sword for Microsoft – an equal chance of success and failure. What do you guys think of this strategy of Team Xbox? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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