Xbox One X Accolades Trailer: Re-hyping the “Most Powerful Console”


The Xbox One X, though having a premium price tag had a successful launch. The price tag was a major factor of scepticism it received pre-launch but, after the launch, the sales figures of the Xbox One X proved that the price tag wasn’t a roadblock for the fans when it came to having the best performance of their beloved Xbox.

Xbox One X Accolades Trailer - Most Powerful Console

According to Forbes, Xbox One X has sold 80,000 Units in the UK in its first week. Which is not a small thing, considering the PS4 fan base in the UK. Not only in the UK, the Xbox One X is also very successful in the US.

Instead of having a successful run, Microsoft is not done promoting as they released an accolade trailer for the Xbox One X, with its central slogan being ‘The most powerful console’. You can check out the trailer here.

In another news, are you aware that Microsoft has recently also announced that all new Xbox One X consoles will be bundled with a copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds between December 17th and December 31st. And this will surely boost the PUBG and Xbox sales even more.