Pachter: Xbox One X Won’t Sell Well Because It Cost 2X More Than PS4, Smartly Explains Why


Xbox One X reveal at E3 2017 didn’t live up to the hype and expectations even though Microsoft shared most of the important details: Price And Release Date. Many analyst and critics still termed the Xbox One X Reveal At E3 2017 as “Disappointing“, and the main reason behind that claim was Lack of Games. Now, this Lack of GAMES is being used as the reason why Xbox One X is not going to sell well at launch. On Twitter used asked this same question to Michael Pachter and he replied to it via a recent episode of Pachter Factor.

Pachter On Xbox One X Holiday 2017 Performance

Pachter reminded that the argument “lack of games” is one of the major factors that is going to affect the Xbox One X sales doesn’t hold any ground because the upcoming Xbox console “plays all Xbox games and there are tons of games for it”.

“People who are saying it’s not going to sell well due to lack of games, it plays all Xbox games there are tons of games for it. We can argue about whether they’re going to have you know have 4K features in them or not? All the new ones will. I mean the developers are putting them in. So that’s BS because it’s redundant with PC is more BS because most console games aren’t on PC. I don’t think that’s why it won’t sell”

Pachter didn’t stop there, he went ahead and explained in detail what exactly is that one thing that will hamper the sales of Xbox One X during the all important Holiday Season 2017: “Price.” The way Michael Pachter explained this factor is pretty impressive:

“I think it won’t sell so well because it cost twice as much as PlayStation 4. I mean I think that’s the easy answer and you know again PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S are nominally are priced at $299 and they’re pretty regularly discounted to $249 and they are almost always bundled with something so the $299 version you kind of have to be a moron to pay $299 for a console now and not get a piece of software for free which does have a perceived value of 50 bucks.”

“You’ll be able to get to Christmas Xbox One X launch date and for $600 you can buy a PlayStation and an Xbox and get a piece of software for each for sure like I promised that and If you can’t get that I’ll give you the 50 bucks difference. I’ll give you software you’re going to find that during the Holiday Season between Black Friday and Christmas. I promise you at least 5 days in that period you will be able to buy each console for $300 and free pieces of software. For $600 you can buy both consoles and two games, and for $500 you can buy an Xbox One X and no games and if you want to buy two games at least another 100 bucks so the value proposition is ONE CONSOLE TWO GAMES or TWO CONSOLE TWO GAMES.”

Who is going to buy Xbox One X? A guy who has too much money and don’t think that it is expensive, they will just buy it because they can, according to Michael Pachter.

“Who in their right mind is buying an Xbox One X? The answer is the same guy who buys a Porsche instead of a BMW. The guys who buy Porsche is the guy who has too much money and they just it doesn’t seem like it’s that much more expensive and they just do it because they can. So yeah those guys will buy an Xbox One X, but if you work hard for your money and you are not like an old guy like me who I finally got more income than I have expenses and I can save up and I can buy a Porsche if $250 matters to you know No, you are not buying an Xbox One X.”

In my opinion, the theory of $600 – Two Consoles Two Games or One Console Two Games sounds impressive, and I support the first one because it is a win-win situation as I am not going to miss out on PlayStation exclusive and Xbox exclusive games (I hope you know what I mean here).

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