Pachter: Xbox One X Is A Phenomenal Device, $500 Price Is Too High For It To Appeal To Mass Market

Analyst Michael Pachter recently called out to everyone who was going gaga over the Xbox One X pre-orders being the fastest in the Xbox history and what exactly is wrong with this bold claim of Microsoft. Last week, Michael Pachter shared his prediction on Xbox One X sales at Holiday Season. According to Pachter, Xbox One X sales figure is going to be 1 Million Units at Holiday 2017. This looks like a big number on paper, but Pachter predicted much higher figure for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One X Holiday 2017 Sales Prediction

“My estimate is 1 million global units at the holiday. Don’t “want” it to fail, think that is the right number. 1 million is not a huge success” tweeted Pachter.

In addition to this, Pachter stated that there is nothing wrong with the Xbox One X (in terms of specs and other factors), Xbox One X is a phenomenal device, however, $500 price tag is too high and it can’t appeal to a mass market with that price tag.

“Agree, think it is a phenomenal device. Just think the price is too high for it to appeal to mass market. Realism is sometimes tough love”.

There is a possibility that Pachter’s Xbox One X sales prediction could go wrong, it would be foolishness from our part if we go ahead and make a comment on it right now. However, 1 Million units by Holiday 2017 sounds spot on considering the fact that Xbox exclusive lineup for Holiday 2017 is very weak, and it is going to be supported by third-party games and most of them have a timed-exclusive DLC and marketing deal with PlayStation platform.

How many of you think that Xbox One X sales figure is going to cross more than the 1 Million Units by Holiday 2017?