Phil Harrison On Why PS4 Managed To Beat Xbox One By 2:1 Ratio, Xbox Made A Fantastic Recovery

Sony’s dominance with PlayStation 4 this generation is known to each and every one of us, and Microsoft was left with no task but to make a plan to catch up with the sales difference between PS4 vs Xbox One. There are reports from multiple analysts that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is outselling Xbox One in today’s time with a ratio of 2:1. A figure we can’t really confirm because Microsoft has decided to cease to publicly display Xbox One sales figure.

Xbox One X

Phil Harrison, a former Microsoft and Sony executive was asked whether this big success of PlayStation 4 (2:1 hardware sales ratio) came as a surprise to you, and how Sony managed to achieve it? and to this he replied:

“The thing Sony has done incredibly well over many years is build up a very powerful distribution network outside of the U.S. and the U.K. I don’t think people truly understand how powerful that is and how much effort it’s taken. That’s part of it. But I also think Sony was just very clear about their proposition. It’s a powerful game console, no ambiguity. That’s what they tried to sell. Microsoft had a more challenged message at the beginning. They’ve acknowledged that themselves. But I think Microsoft has made a fantastic recovery. It’s still to play for.”

Microsoft has made a Fantastic recovery, is this comment of Phil refers to Xbox One X? If think YES, Xbox One X will launch in November 2017 and it is going to take the title of most powerful console available in the market, and the place where all third-party games will look and play better.

In my opinion YES, Phil is correct, Microsoft has made a remarkable comeback with Xbox One X, but they need to bring more high-quality AAA exclusive games in next year or so to get the sales number up. 2017 line-up for Xbox One X is diverse, there are different types of games for different types of gamers. On the other side, PlayStation 4 Holiday 2017 line-up is less poor than you expect it to be. In short, it’s an even playfield for both Xbox One and PS4 this Holiday Season. Which one will come on top?