How Microsoft Wants You To Handle Massive Xbox One X Patch Sizes – Use External HDD


Xbox One X released worldwide on November 7. The console comes with a 1 TB HDD which in my opinion is going to get used up way too early considering the fact that Xbox One X patch for the games are pretty massive in size – just take the case of Quantum Break, Xbox One X patch was 94.7GB and if players decide to include the TV show, the patch size goes to 178GB. Is Microsoft doing something about the large size of Xbox One X patch? In a recent interview with our friend at GameInformer, Xbox Marketing Boss Albert Penello talked about the Xbox fans concern regarding the large size of Xbox One X patch and what exactly they can do currently to overcome it.

Xbox One X Enhanced Patch

According to Albert Penello – Team Xbox is looking into the large Xbox One X patch size – it’s not like they are not doing anything, Team Xbox is in constant touch with video game developers to make the downloads better.

“We’re generally seeing that the 4K patches are bigger, but they’re obviously not double or four times bigger,” Penello said. “They’re on average probably a third larger than the 1080p assets. We’re doing a lot of what we call intelligent delivery to help that on both consoles. We have enabled a new set of tools for developers to allow them to segment the assets by the console, and also things that take up a lot of space like language packs and stuff like that, which typically go down as one big download. We’re making a lot of effort with developers to make downloads better.”

He further added: “I also have to remind myself and people in the industry that we have abnormally large content libraries relative to the average customer because of what we do. We definitely run into edge-cases that the typically customer won’t run into.”

Penello then encourages (the last thing) Xbox One X owners to make use of external HDD to handle the large Xbox One X patch size. “The last thing is that I do encourage the external hard drive as something we’ve supported from the get-go,” he said. “We’ve found that even when we had internal hard drive swap ability like on Xbox 360, that people don’t really like to crack open their consoles. Having external hard drive support – and those are very affordable these days; there was just this 4 TB on sale for, like, $110 I think – is a great way to get a ton of storage.”

“I think we have a lot of options for people,” he added. “Obviously, we’re trying to solve it with the developers, we’re trying to solve it for users, and we’re trying to make it easy for people who do have huge libraries to expand their storage without have to get a new system or crack it open or anything like that.”

It seems like Xbox One X owners have just and the only option – buy at a 4 TB external HDD because these Xbox One X Enhanced Patch are indeed massive and 1 TB of internal HDD space is going to get filled up very quickly.

Source: GameInformer