Nothing Like Xbox One X Offers Blend Of Power And Performance At A Price, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has announced Xbox One X as the most powerful console made yet at a price of $500 at E3 2017. The console is capable of delivering high end 4K output and HDR for those who does not compromise on quality. Still a costlier console compared to Sony’s PS4, Microsoft seems pretty much convinced on what they are offering.

Xbox One X

Talking to Gamespot, Microsoft’s Dave McCarthy has able to justify through this statement that Xbox One X is a bang for the price. He said, those who want the very best will go for Xbox One X.

“It was a really conscious move on our part to support customer choice,” McCarthy said. “I think people are going to decide what they want to gravitate to. I think when they see experiences running on Xbox One X, whether it is games where developers haven’t touched a thing and they’re just loading faster with smoother frame rates and they are looking better, or it’s an experience like Forza Motorsport 7 or Anthem where it’s been really crafted with the high-end capabilities in mind, they’ll see the difference.”

You can read more at the below link. Xbox One X is scheduled to launch in November this year.

Source: Gamespot