Xbox One X Amazon Pre-Order Beats PS4 Pro For 2017 YTD


Xbox One X’s release is scheduled on 7th September, 2017 for $499, Microsoft claims it as the world’s most powerful console, because it is beefed up with 40% more power than existing consoles. It promises performance with true 4K immersive gaming. The console was first unveiled at E3 2017, and it looks this time Microsoft has prepped to take on its close competitor Sony on the platforms of 4K Gaming.

According to a from a Daniel Ahmad (Video Games industry. Analyst at Niko Partners), Xbox One X had Pre-ordered surpassed PS4 Pro on Amazon, for 2017 YTD.

Xbox One X Preorder

Xbox One X has made its position in Amazon Best Seller of 2017 above PS4 Pro. It has gone out of stock on the official Microsoft store, this clearly reflects the popularity and gamers’ enthusiasm to get their hands on the new hardware. One X’s pre-order was announced a few days back, and within a short period it seems gathering a lot of tractions. You can see the tweet message below by Daniel Ahmad.

The pre-ordered success is a clear indicator about the consoles success, well it would better if the actual sales figure can come out, so that a well versed comparison can be done with PS4 Pro, proving which console is most loved till yet. Xbox One X in terms of hardware gives up more power over PS4 Pro when it comes to gaming. It runs on custom 1.172Ghz 6 Teraflops GPU at 12GB GDDR5 memory, delivering frames on 326Gb/sec memory bandwidth. Backed by 2.30Ghz 8 Core processor, 8GB Flash, 1TB Internal Storage and 4K UHD Blu-ray player, it seems this console terms out to be the first choice for gamers who are looking for immersive 4K quality.

Sony on the other side has not planned to release any new version of PlayStation, it is now on time how Sony can tackle the success of Xbox One X if it puts an impact on their sales figure. Xbox One X is ahead in the line now, the pre-order figures are not revealed yet, but making its place in Best seller parts clearly indicates till now, One X is ahead of PS4 Pro.

So did you ordered One X or you are waiting for reviews after it really comes in the hands of gamer, what do you think will this console best PS4 Pro? Do share your views in the comments section below.