Xbox One X Sale Is Off To A Very Strong Start, According To GameStop


Xbox One X was launched earlier this month, but we didn’t get to know how well it performed in terms of sales as Microsoft did not provide any sales figure. A report from UK Chart-Track on November 13 stated that Xbox One X managed to beat PlayStation 4 Pro in the UK in the first-week sale by a margin of over 30K units (PS4 Pro sold just over 50000 units in the first week when it launched in November 2016). The report stated that Xbox One X sold over 80000 units, an impressive figure considering the fact that Nintendo Switch sold this much unit in the first week when it launched in March 2017. Sadly, there is still no details on the sales figure of Xbox One X for another region. However, at a recent earnings call, an executive of GameStop gave us a hint at the overall sales performance of Xbox One X.

GameStop Comments On Xbox One X Sales

GameStop’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Bartel stated that Xbox One X sales are off to a very good start, and their initial Xbox One X allocation was sold out in just first 2 days. Bartel further added that the new stock is getting sold out the moment it hits the retail shelves. “Continuing its hardware, the recently launched Xbox One X is off to a very strong start. We sold out our entire market leading allocation in two days and we are seeing the product sale as soon as it hits the shelves.”

Lastly, Bartel added that the demand for Xbox One X is indeed going to exceed the supply. “Again, we do believe that demand will outstrip supply on this console, and we will continue to be the best most informed place to purchase it.”

These are indeed some nice words from GameStop COO. With the all-important Holiday Season 2017 just around the corner and the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One just a few weeks away, I expect the sales of Xbox One X to pick up even more. It would be interesting to see when Microsoft decides to share the sales figure of Xbox One X – the best time would be just after the Christmas 2017, the start of January 2018.