Xbox One X Trade-In Deal From GameStop – $200 For PS4 Pro or Nintendo Switch

If you are looking forward to playing some of the big video game releases on Xbox One X, but you still haven’t booked your Xbox One X unit then GameStop is the best place for you to get in and book it. The retailer possibly has the best Trade-In deals for Xbox One X right now.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition At Amazon

If you are a member of GameStop PowerUp Rewards and want to upgrade to Xbox One X then you can trade-in your previous console with a Xbox One X. GameStop is offering a Special trade-in value of $200 for PlayStation 4 Pro or Nintendo Switch, $150 for Xbox One S or PlayStation 4, and a $100 for a standard Xbox One.

Announcing the trade-in deals for Xbox One X, GameStop’s Bob Puzon said: “The best place to pick up Microsoft’s most anticipated Xbox isn’t a big box. Our associates are serious gamers themselves, making GameStop the only place players can get unparalleled expertise on the system and its most popular titles.”

What other option you have got if you are not a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member? then the best place to book your Xbox One X is AMAZON. Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is up for pre-order at $499 on AMAZON i.e. the price is same as that of a standard Xbox One X.