Xbox One X Unboxing [Standard Edition]


Xbox One X is scheduled to launch worldwide on November 7. Many of you will have to wait until the last minute to get your hands-on this and the most powerful Xbox console, however, there are few lucky media outlets that have already got their hands on the review unit of Xbox One. Our friend at DigitalFoundry is one of these select few media outlets – and as a special gift to their readers they decided to do a full Unboxing of Xbox One X (Standard Unit – not the Project Scorpio Edition) and compare the size of it with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox One X Unboxing And PS4 Pro Size Comparison

The 8 minutes video posted below is dedicated to the unboxing of the standard Xbox One X Edition and its size comparison with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox One X standard edition comes with a 1TB HDD and carries a price tag of $499, in fact the Project Scorpio Edition also comes with 1TB HDD and was made available for pre-order for $499 only (only one condition was put up by Microsoft – it was going to be available in limited quantity). The console is a direct competitor to PlayStation 4 Pro, however, Phil Spencer doesn’t think so – he stated in a recent interview that Xbox One S is a direct competitor to PS4 Pro, not Xbox One X.

This comment was supported by another Xbox executive Albert Penello who in October 2016 stated that the performance difference between PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X is going to be pretty obvious because Sony’s console has 4.2TF GPU power, whereas Xbox One X has 6 teraflops graphical computing performance. No doubt here – Xbox One X specs are much better than PS4 Pro and hence third-party games is going to look much better on it. To proof this – here’s another video from Digital Foundry that compares the performance of Middle-earth: Shadow of War on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Microsoft’s upcoming console is the clear winner.

Source: Digital Foundry