Pachter: Xbox Will Win Black Friday 2017 In The United States With The Help Of Xbox One X


Black Friday 2017 Sale has started in the United States and both Sony and Microsoft want to leave their mark, but there is no clear idea to fans on who is going to win the battle – PlayStation or Xbox? According to Michael Pachter, Xbox One X is going to play a big role this Black Friday, and Microsoft is going to come on top with the help of it, however, PlayStation is going to leave its mark on the global market. This prediction of Pachter actually makes sense considering the fact that Xbox One X has just arrived in the market and it is currently the most powerful video game console available, and on top of that many retailers are offering a discount of at least $50 or bundling a recently released AAA games with it for a price tag of $499.

Xbox One X vs PS4 - Black Friday 2017 Sale Winner

A fan asked Pachter on Twitter about who is going to win Black Friday considering the fact that PlayStation 4 Slim is currently available for $199 and Xbox One S is available for $189, and to this, he replied that Xbox will win Black Friday and PlayStation wins globally. He further added Xbox will win with the help of Xbox One X.

“Xbox probably wins in US and PS4 wins globally. The Xbox One X pushes Microsoft over the finish line”

When asked further – Does the average consumer go for the $10 cheaper console? To this Pachter explain – things do not work this way, new buyers will go by the feedback from the family and friends which means PlayStation 4 has an overall advantage as it has the larger installed base (worldwide), and hence PlayStation 4 is going to dominate globally.

“Most won’t make a decision on that basis. New buyers buy what is recommended by friends, Sony has a bigger installed base, so more recommendations”

How many of you agree with this prediction of Pachter – Xbox One X taking Microsoft over the finish line in the United States? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.