Xbox Project Scorpio Theoretically Not Powerful Enough For Native 4K Gaming, 40% Faster Than PS4 Neo


Microsoft has revealed yesterday, during its media briefing at E3 2016, that a new Xbox codenamed Project Scorpio is currently in development. The platform is told to be extending the Xbox One consoles family and not replacing any of those available now.

Xbox Project Scorpio

According to Digital Foundry, anyway, theorically Project Scorpio is not powerful enough to get ready for native 4K gaming, despite it is 40% faster than rumored PlayStation Neo specifications and Microsoft publicly stating it will target 4K & 60fps experiences.

Based on this report, Project Scorpio could support 12GB of GDDR5 or 8GB of G5X using a 256-bit bus in order to achieve the promised 320GB/s memory bandwidth. PlayStation Neo is said to support 100GB/s bandwidth with an additional 4GB of onboard RAM.

Currently, “AMD’s R9 390X offers around 5.9TF and struggles to push 4K resolution at anything like 30fps on modern PC titles”, which casts some shadows on the possibilities of Project Scorpio to have native 4K (and even at 60fps frame rate) graphics with the specs described yesterday at E3 2016.

Anyway, as DF reports, current Xbox One features a GPU equivalent to £80 R7 360 graphics card, which theorically wouldn’t be able to run Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 at the level of quality that we are witnessing today. So it could really be a matter of optimization with first party developers leading the way.