Xbox Scarlett Dev Kit Codenamed “Anaconda”


Microsoft is deep in the production of its next-gen console, which is reportedly codenamed Xbox Scarlett, and work on it seems to be ahead of what you could expect.

Indeed, the codename of the development kit has already been spotted, and this seems to hint at the possibility that those kits have been shipped to the team who will work on the platform.

As reported by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, the codename in question is “Anaconda“, which brings forward the theme of reptiles at Microsoft.

While the codename attached to Xbox One X was Project Scorpio, its dev kit codename was Chuckwalla, yet another reptile.

As for consoles, previous codename were as said Scorpio for Xbox One X, Durango for the original Xbox One and Xenon for the Xbox 360.

It doesn’t provide us with any particular detail about the console and the project itself, but we could find a hint into it.

Indeed, the fact that Xbox One X and Scarlett dev kits have both codenames about reptiles hints at a sort of continuity between the two platforms.

We know the Xbox One X has been designed to be forward compatible and that Scarlett will indeed be backwards compatible with this gen titles, so this seemingly confirm the philosophy behind the console.

Xbox Scarlett Dev Kit Codenamed "Anaconda"

Source: Reddit