Xbox Scorpio Could Have A Life Cycle Of 2 Years Only: Xbox Marketing Manager


At E3 2016, Microsoft announced Xbox Scorpio, the most powerful console ever with specs: “8 Cores, 6 TFlops, 320GB/s memory bandwidth”, will offer 4K Gaming, and scheduled to launch in Holiday 2017. What forced Microsoft to announce a new console just two and a half year after the release of Xbox One and also considering the fact that at that time Xbox One was one of the most powerful consoles with 8GB of RAM and many other things.

PS Neo vs Xbox Scorpio

In a recent interview with our friend at Xbox Enthusiast, Xbox Marketing Manager for CANADA, Jeff Rivait, has stated that there is a possibility that Xbox Scorpio could get outdated in just two years time. Here is the full statement of Jeff:

“It could be (Xbox Scorpio could become outdated in Two YEARS). When I say we are knocking down the barriers between generations, I mean exactly that. Technology is progressing so rapidly, we don’t want gamers to wait five to eight years for hardware innovation. This is our vision for gaming.”

“When gamers get to carry forward their games, and they’re not losing the value invested in the ecosystem, in addition to getting more frequent and more powerful hardware, is looking at things like the mobile industry and how they’ve innovated. Yes, if you want to stay on top of things you may be buying consoles more frequently, but you’re also getting better looking and more powerful gaming experiences sooner than you would be getting in previous [generations].”

How many of you think that this is the right time for Microsoft and Sony to go for hardware innovation after every two to three years? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.