Xbox Scorpio Giving Devs Chance To Build 4K Games, Not Forcing Them: Microsoft


In a recent interview released to TechRadar, Microsoft’s Albert Penello has discussed Project Scorpio’s potential and the way it intends games to be made on it. The console comes with a whopping 6 teraflops raw power, which means, according to the Redmond platform holder, everyone could be able to ship their games at native 4K.

Xbox Scorpio

Based on Penello’s opinion, it seems Microsoft is not forcing anyone to release their games at native 4K resolution, by the way, even though they keep talking publicly about how Xbox Scorpio is powerful and the sole console out there to give devs the opportunity to ship their titles at such definition.

They recently even talked about PS4 Pro not being able to do so when it releases on November 10, at $399.

“I think we’ve said from the beginning that it’s really going to be up to the game developers. Game developers will choose to take that 6 TFLOPS and do what they think is best for their visions for the game … if somebody wants to make a 1080p game and make it the most amazing looking game of all time on Scorpio? Great, I think that sounds fantastic!”.

Microsoft’s not been very clear about this topic, and it couldn’t be clearer since this isn’t something that depends on it but on developers only. Anyway, it’s pretty simple to comprehend that it will work just like it has done so far on PS4 and Xbox One: depending on resources, engines and purpose, the ones who build games – developers – will decide at what resolution they want to offer their titles. Not Microsoft, nor Sony.