Xbox “Scorpio” Performing At 6 Teraflops vs PS4 Neo’s 4.14 Teraflops, Final Specs Not Yet Decided

Polygon sources have confirmed yesterday’s rumors about two new Xbox models, which are reportedly releasing in August 2016 and fall 2017. Based on these sources, the Xbox One Slim model launching this year is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One model and supports a 2TB hard drive for streaming and digital consumption purposes.

Xbox One vs PS4

The fall 2017 Xbox is a brand new generation of Microsoft consoles and it’s currently codenamed “Scorpio”. According to Polygon, this console has a peak performance target of about 6 teraflops, in comparison with PlayStation Neo 4.14 teraflops.

Just to give you a better idea of what we are talking about, Xbox One is currently performing at 1.32 teraflops peaks, while PlayStation 4 is performing at 1.84 teraflops. PS4 Neo is rumored to be 2.24 times more powerful than the rumored PS4.5 model possibly releasing later this year.

Based on this information, Xbox Scorpio won’t launch until 2017 and hasn’t been assigned a price tag, so it’s really hard now to determine whether these specs are possibly revealing true or not, and how much this hardware could be priced at retail.

One of the principles behind this project would be anyway universal compatibility, which means every Xbox One game would work on this upcoming new Xbox console.

Update 1 (June 13):

At E3 2016, Microsoft has officially confirmed Xbox Scorpio. It will launch worldwide in Holiday 2017. According to the details revealed by Phil Spencer, Xbox Scorpio will have: 8 Cores, 6 TFlops, 320GB/s memory bandwidth, 4K/VR Gaming, backward and forward compatible. Here is a debut trailer for Xbox Scorpio: