Xbox Scorpio Releasing Early To Compete With PS4 Pro? “Feeling Good About Schedule”: Spencer

 Xbox Scorpio Releasing Early To Compete With PS4 Pro? “Feeling Good About Schedule”: Spencer

According to Xbox Division’s Boss Phil Spencer, the development work on Xbox Scorpio is going on pretty well, the team working on it is making “Amazing Progress”. Spencer made this claim while replying to a fan on Twitter, who asked him whether there is a possibility of Xbox Scorpio arriving in the market early? Spencer didn’t directly reply to the query but he did specify that the team working on Xbox Scorpio is “feeling good about schedule”.

Xbox Scorpio

“I’m in a day-long review of where the team is in Scorpio right now, amazing progress and we are feeling good about the schedule.” said Phil Spencer.

It seems like Phil Spencer does not want to lose the connection with fans this time around, and so sharing every minute Xbox Scorpio details in his capability with fans. This is the second update (in around one month time) we are hearing about the development progress of Xbox Scorpio from Spencer. Sadly, there is no concrete update from Microsoft on the price point of Xbox Scorpio.

The only thing we have heard from Microsoft is that Xbox Scorpio is a “premium” console, a major hint towards the fact that consumers should not expect the price to be on the lower or cheaper side.

“But I also want people to understand that Scorpio is going to be a premium console. Like, I’m not trying to sell you a high-end gaming PC rig for a couple of thousand dollars or something. We look at consumer price points of consoles and definitely our target is to hit that.

“But it will be a premium version of an Xbox One and we’ll talk more about pricing as we’re cutting it closer to the launch and everything else. But I’m confident that we’ll be able to deliver a product at a price point that gamers will feel like is worth it.” Spencer told GameSpot in a recent interview.

To some extent, I agree with the points of Spencer on Xbox Scorpio price. People must be aware of the fact that Xbox Scorpio is the only such console which is bringing the console space into NATIVE 4K Gaming. What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.