How to find rare Core Crystals in Xenoblade Chronicles 2


In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, players need to find items known as Core Crystals in order to unlock new weapons called Blades.

These Core Crystals are split into multiple categories, with common, rare, and legendary being the most well known. A Core Crystal of high rarity will give you a better chance to find more powerful Blades.

Most of the rare Core Crystals are rewarded for beating certain bosses during the main game. There’s also a chance for rare Core Crystals to be obtained by beating the most powerful enemies in the game, but it all comes down to RNG. There’s no real way to farm these rare items and it mostly depends on luck if a player can find one.

Certain Blades, however, such as Wulfric and Roc, are unlocked as part of the main plot. As players advance through the story, they’ll gain access to a small sample of rare Blades to use.

After grabbing a Core Crystal, simply head into the Blade part of the main menu and select which character you want to be the owner of the new Blade. You’ll then need to choose one of the Core Crystals and hope that RNG is on your side to get a powerful Blade.

Each Blade is split into three distinct types: Attack, Healer, and Tank. Giving these Blades to the right ally who specializes in either attacking, healing, or defending will be important to using the Blade effectively.

For instance, Rex is a main attacking Blade, so giving him a healer-type for one of his three slots won’t be as effective as another attacking-type Blade.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch.