Xenoblade X: Nintendo Switch Version Not In Development At Monolith, They Are Working On Something New


A new day and a new Nintendo Switch information from Laura Kate Dale announced. Before moving on to the new information, Laura has informed us that she has been blacklisted (not formally from Nintendo but sources claim) by Nintendo UK which means she won’t be getting any software or hardware product from UK PR.

Nintendo Switch Zelda Release Date Leaked

Today, Laura Kate revealed that Nintendo (internally) has a release date ready for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game will first launch on Nintendo Switch and then a week later on Wii U. Currently, Nintendo is aiming to release The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch on June 16, whereas Wii U version is set to launch on June 23.

“Nintendo are internally aiming for June 16, 2017, UK Breath of the Wild Switch release. Aiming Wii U for June 23 2017 UK.”

Kate didn’t stop there, she went on revealing that Xenoblade X for Nintendo Switch is currently in development at an external porting agency, Monolith is busy working on a new thing from the scratch, and this new thing is scheduled to launch 2018 earliest.

“Port is being handled by an external porting agency. Xenoblade X port is not being developed by Monolith, they’re working on something new ground up for Switch. 2018 earliest. Not launch year.”

Nintendo Switch is officially scheduled to launch in March 2017. You guys can read our FAQ detailing everything announced (and leaked) so far for the console. A few days ago, Laura shared a list of games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the first year.