Destiny 2 – Xur Location 17th to 21st Nov 2017

Destiny 2

It’s Xursday! Let’s see what the tentacle faced git has in his inventory today.

This week he can be found near the the The Rig on Titan. You can find him by checking the planets in your Director and a green symbol will show you where he is. Just load into the nearest fast travel point and bring up your Ghost. The same green symbol will again show you his location.

At the moment, he just sells four Exotic items, one weapon and an armour piece for each class. The Exotic Engrams, sparrow enhancements and other items all seem to be a thing of the past.

Xur also accepts Legendary Shards as payment now, appearing to have moved on from his desire for Strange Coins. Legendary shards can be gotten by breaking down Legendary Weapons. You may also get them from various Vendors in the game if you are lucky.

This week Xur is selling the following:

Hard Light – Exotic Auto Rifle (29 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 17th to 21st Nov 2017
HardlightTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Lucky Raspberry – Hunter Chest Piece (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 17th to 21st Nov 2017
Lucky RaspberryTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Synthoceps – Titan Arms (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 17th to 21st Nov 2017
SynthocepsTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Karnstein Armlets – Warlock Helmet (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 17th to 21st Nov 2017
Karnstein ArmletsTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Hard Light is up for grabs this week, and is certainly worth a purchase. Its ability to change the elemental damage it does is a boon on Nightfalls with the Prism modifier. Even outside of that, it is a worthwhile auto rifle to play with if you don’t already have a favorite that takes up your Exotic slot. Lucky Raspberry is one of those Exotics that simply doesn’t do enough to justify wearing it most of the time. If you run an Arc class, the Raiden Flux is a much better bet. Synthoceps can be fun on a Titan, that extra melee range in PvP can be quite the buzzkill for your enemies. Simply lunge across a great distance and slap the smile right off them!

Finally the Karnstein Armlets. These can be interesting. It is unknown at this time whether this is a bug or a feature, but for now the Armlets consider the attacks from the Stormtrance super to be melee attacks, so they heal you. It makes for a lot of fun as you roam around a Strike or Nightfall, melting everything while being effectively immortal.

That is it for Xur’s Exotic Emporium this week, what has caught your eye?