Yoshida Comments On PS4/PS VITA Remote Play Plugged HeadSet Issue, “Not A Bug, Known Inconvenience”

Some Playstation VITA owners are experiencing strange issue when they tries to access remote play feature with Playstation 4. If a headset is plugged into PS4, PS VITA is unable to login to PS4 for remote play feature.

Twitter user Haibert enquired about this with Yoshida, “vita/ps4 rmte play bug. Vita unable to log into PS4 for remote play if a USB headset is plugged into PS4.”

PS VITA And PS4 Remote PlayTo this Yoshida replied that its not bug but a randow known issue, in short engineers are already looking into this issue and fix will be provided in future.

Shuhei Yoshida replied: “it’s not a bug but a known inconvenience”

In another tweet Yoshida also clarified another issue related to PS VITA. Twitter user “Jei” asked: “I used to be able to hit the PS button go to music and play it. Then go back to my game and it would keep playing. It doesn’t do that”

To this Yoshida clarified: “It still does. Some games do not support that feature, though.”