Yoshida Doesn’t Own Unreleased Xbox One, Comments on PS4 Trophy Transfer and DualShock 4 for Windows


Shuhei Yoshida via Twitter has shared some more details related to Playstation products such as Playstation 4, PS VITA, Playstation App and more.

PS4Yoshida first confirmed it won’t be possible to transfer trophies from one account to another (i.e transfer of trophies between two different PS4 account) on PS4.

In another tweet, Yoshida revealed that if players stick with the same account, all will transfer over just fine, much like the it does with the PS Vita

Furthermore, Shuhei Yoshida, went on to confirmed PS4’s controller i.e DualShock 4, will be capable of performing basic functions on a Windows PC. While the statement itself is vague, he goes on to mention that the analog sticks and buttons should work “just fine”.

Last but not the least a fan asked Yoshida whether he own an unreleased version of Xbox One?, a straightaway “NO” was the reply from Yoshida.