Yoshida on PS4: Bluetooth Headsets Support, PS Move Support For Camera And PS4 Digital Game Policy


Shuhei Yoshida President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed some intersting details related to their upcoming next-gen console, Playstation 4 via his personal Twitter account.

Playstation 4Yoshida first issued a clarification on whether or not Playstation 4 will support Bluetooth Headsets ever, as some sites are claiming that it won’t and many are stating that Bluetooth Headsets support will arrive via patch after PS4 launch.

On this entire scenario, Yoshida stated that official information on this will arrive soon, and so Playstation fans should wait for it.

Secondly, Yoshida confirmed that Playstation Move controller will work with new Playstation 4 Camera.

Last but not the least, Yoshida issued clarification on One Playstation 4 console online at a time policy with respect to digital games.