Yoshida: “PS4 Production is Going Smoothly, But Can’t Say Anything on Shortages at Launch”


We have heard or read numerous reports on internet about possible shortages of first Playstation 4 shipments at launch, but SCE Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida is pretty optimistic and promised that PS4 will be shipped in large quantities at launch as production at Sony is going smoothly.

PS4Yoshida however added that he still can’t predict whether Sony will be able to ship PS4 without any interruption (i.e he can’t make any predictions on PS4 shortage at Launch).

In a recent interview to 4Gamer, Yoshida was asked: “When the PS3 was launched there were problems because the first shipments were insufficient. Can we assume that such a thing won’t happen with the PS4 and that it’ll be shipped in large quantities?”

To this he replied (translated): “That’s right. Partly because we have so many preorders in the west, we still can’t predict if we’ll be able to ship the hardware without any interruption, but production is going smoothly.”

Yoshida later added that as PS4 will arrive in Japan a bit late i.e in February 2014, there will be an abundant supply of PS4 there.

(Translated): “In Japan, because there is that we’re looking at a little time, in a way never intended audience for Japanese such as lost, we are preparing to be provided.”

So all those who have pre-order PS4 for launch day can just hope and pray that Sony ship the console in sufficient quantites so that shortage issue doesn’t arrive at all.